St Tropez Classic Cream Tan

St Tropez Original Training provides essential education in self-tanning, product knowledge and key ingredients, retail and customer service skills, hygiene, equipment and professional practical applications. Students should have an understanding of the skin and its functions and also be competent in delivering body treatments.

You will receive certificates and accreditation by St Tropez and The International School of Beauty Therapy.

Aims: To introduce students to the basic theory behind and the application of the original self-tanning treatments as well as St Tropez product brand.

Objectives: By the end of the course students will have a competency in selftanning and St Tropez product knowledge along with consultation and application of the original tanning treatment.


St Tropez Professional Heritage

History of Tanning

Advantages of Self Tanning

Key Ingredients

St Tropez Product Knowledge

Retail & Customer Service

Consultation & Contraindications

Patch Testing


Original Treatment Pre/After Care

Spray Tan Equipment

Spray Treatment Pre/After Care

Practical Demonstrations

Student Practical Classic Cream Tan