Cibtac and Itec Body Therapy

Cibtac and Itec Body Therapy

Question: Who is this course for?


If you want to specialise in body therapy work only, this is the course for you. It is nationally and internationally recognised and highly regarded. The exam consists of theory papers and practical exam conducted by visiting external international examiners. 60% pass mark required in both theory and practical.

Awarding Bodies: CIBTAC and ITEC

Course Content

In addition to business studies, professional ethics, hygiene, sterilisation, contra indications, product knowledge, cosmetic science and all relevant anatomy and physiology the course covers:

  • Figure Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Individual exercise routines to included Isotonic and Isometric.

Deportment, posture and balance

  • Dietary recommendations. Nutrition
  • Full body Swedish Massage including the neck, face and shoulders
  • Body electrical treatments

Electrical safety and knowledge of the use of all types of electrical currents, and their application within the beauty industry. Including Galvanic, Vacuum Suction, Faradic, Microcurrent, Mechanical and Vibratory Massage, Sunbed, Steam and Heat Treatments. Treatment planning. Home care advice.

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